Skip to 1:04. Let’s talk about this! 

1. I can’t decide if I think Jordan is being cute or obnoxious and disrespectful. Or both. I think it’s both. 

2. Holy shit, Norah is over that nonsense and she has a bitchface that could rival McKayla Maroney and Aliya Mustafina’s love child who was adopted and raised in a commune by Khorkina, Liukin & Bogi. 

3. Will a talented someone please make GIFs of this?


Anonymous asked:

Have you seen the p&g video on 'Raising an Olympian: Meryl Davies and Charlie White' because I literally can't deal with it so you should suffer with me :D

genericpseudonyms answered:

Hi Anon!

Yes, I have. For “research.” There’s also the lovely “Qualified” series. Part one here. Apologies in advance if you’ve seen it already. (Actually, I’m not really sorry at all :D)